Only The Good Kids Get Broccoli
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Did you ever wish your children would eat more cauliflower?  How about Brussels sprouts?  Are you worried that your children will only eat peanut butter and jelly for the rest of their lives? If you have a picky eater in your life, you need this book. 

After decades of working with children, Ruth Claytor has compiled some funny, touching and inspiring stories about teaching children healthy eating habits. There are some classroom-tested and parent-approved tips as well as some easy recipes for busy parents or for kids who want to mess around in the kitchen. 

After reading this book, Grandmothers will enjoy reminiscing about the crazy things they tried to get you to eat your green beans.  Written with busy parents in mind, Only the Good Kids Get Broccoli is a wealth of ideas to trick, trap, mislead, compel, fool, delude and hoodwink your kids into begging for broccoli!

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